"25 Beading cartoons" disk lasting 138 minutes 50 seconds.
(6 exclusive plus 19 BONUS Cartoons)
The following 6 Cartoons (Animations) are only available through Sova-Enterprises.com or Bead-Patterns.com.
1) "Corners" Collar. Net Weave
2) Dodecahedron
3) Icosahedron
4) "First Grass" Necklace
5) Juniora Orythia. Peyote Stitch
6) Twisted Two-Sided Ribbon (Rope / Chain). Herringbone

BONUS: 19 FREE Cartoons (Animations)
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Brick Stitch:.
Basics - Brick Stitch
Brick Stich Weaving Magen-David.

Flat Herringbone.
Tubular Herringbone
Twisted Tubular Herringbone

Easy Looming Complicated Shapes
Easy Looming without many ends of basic thread.

Net Weaving:
Basics - Net Weaving
Weaving Curly Fur.
Weaving Prickly Fur

Butterfly (peyote stitch)
Eight-Rayed Star.

Rope / Chain:
Four-Sided Rope
Spiral Rope
Tubular Peyote Made Of Different Sized Beads
Flower Chain
Kathrine Chain

Weaving with Wire:
Lycaenidae Butterfly. Parallel Weaving with Wire