There was a large heap of glass-beads
Who dreamed of a needle to work with.
  They sought it for ages
  And were so courageous
That used hedgehogs in their needs.
There was a young needle, which prayed
To work with glass-beads all its way.
  Once it saw a bead heap
  And dived into it.
And no ones seen it to this day...
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Dear friends! Im grateful to you for visiting my web-site.
Let me introduce myself. My names Katherina Kostinsky and Im an English language teacher by the main occupation. To be frank, sometimes I suppose that my knowledge in English is enough to make a cat laugh, but it doesnt prevent me from teaching schoolchildren and students. But its not the thing Ive wanted to boast of. It was just a sort of introduction.
So, in this site Id like to show you beaded stuffs which Ive been making since 1989.

Last news:

What an amazing thing is beading! Tiny chilly beads no more than a millet seed are so pleasant to touch and finger. A few motley handfuls just have lain about and theres a needle gripped in the fingers, an idea stirs in the head and something begins taking shape of the variety of colours. What? Its difficult to understand it so far Perharps, itll become a choker, or a picture, or a mug. Well wait and see. The needle moves to and fro, beads cling to each other, hours pass over the bent head imperceptibly and what? A butterfly, having spread her tender wings, glitters with bright colours. And what will come out next time? Who knows Look, view, scrutinize. What would you like?

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